Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case 32x16
Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case 32x16
Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case 32x16
Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case 32x16

Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case 32x16

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*Build Times: Please See our Build Times page for the most up to date estimate.

***This model has been updated but the photos do not yet reflect the changes. Please read the description.***


Our latest model Drop-In Case has been reimagined. We now utilize a special set of extrusion making the 4 sides 100% aluminum construction all while still keeping the weight down like we're known for by touring musicians worldwide. This allows us to streamline production and save on labor, which is why we can offer this case for a more affordable price, despite the actual materials costing more than its previous design. The Front and Back panels are 1/4" ABS Laminated ply.

drop in style case is for both our Elevation, Aero and Flat Series pedalboards. Drop-In means a deep tray and a shallow lid. You "Drop" or lower your pedalboard into the deeper tray. While these cases are designed for Creation branded pedalboards they can also be used for a multitude of other pedalboards from other companies with similar dimensions.

Want wheels and a handle?

Easy. Simply add the removable trolley option and we'll pre-install it. This convenient system has two wheels and a telescoping handle that clip onto two brackets we install on the exterior of the case. This is exceptionally convenient when traveling through airports, but even more important, this option doesn't add excess weight and bulk to your case. So, instead of worrying about that 50 lb airline weight limit, and having to choose between your 2 favorite fuzz pedals and wheels, now you can have both. Just remove the wheel trolley when you check your case at the baggage counter, collapse and stow in your carry on. You'll be the envy of the other guitar players on tour who are opening their case and pulling pedals off their board.

Do I ned to Add Foam Risers?

As mentioned, this case is able to be used for either an Elevation or Flat Series board. Obviously a flat series is much shorter than an Elevation or any other angled board. For this reason, we offer removable foam risers which raise the flat board up so that the lid foam better compresses against it. As an added bonus, the risers then create a storage compartment in the empty space below. Want to use a flat board with a tier? No problem. Remove the foam risers to allow the flat board to go all the way to the bottom of the case for that additional needed clearance.


  • All Aluminum extrusion sides 
  • 1/4" ABS Laminated Front and Back
  • up to 40% lighter than other mass produced cases
  • Oversized ball corner reinforcements
  • Spring Loaded Heavy Duty Handle
  • Recessed butterfly latches
  • Thick convoluted foam in lid for maximum pedal compression
  • Optional detachable wheel trolley with telescoping handle
  • Optional foam risers for flat board use
  • Empty weight is 19 pounds.
  • External dimensions are 34.25 x 18.25 x 8.25 inches
  • Internal dimensions are 32.125 x 16.125 x 5.25 inches foam to foam with at least  1 inch of compression available in the convoluted foam.