AC Power Inlet
AC Power Inlet

AC Power Inlet

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A simple solderless power connection. This connection allows you to cut and strip most power cables, insert into the color coded holes and tighten with color coded screws on the side of the connection.

Power 15 Amp 125 Volt Plug in a Recessed Flanged Inlet panel mount
Size - 2.57 flange diameter, x 1.87" deep, x 1.70 body diameter. Mounting holes 2.2" apart. Fits into a 1.75 inch hole.

Wiring your AC Inlet Power Connection to a power supply underneath your board:

WARNING: Be sure to unplug all electrical cords from power source prior to wiring your pedalboard. Failure to do so can result in electrical shock or injury.

Tip: if you're attaching something with large end, like a power strip, save yourself some headache and feed the wire through the hole before attaching to the power connector since the power strip may not fit through the hole if you attach before hand.

You can see that there are 3 color-coded holes and corresponding screws on the side. You may take any power cord you desire and cut to length. Then strip the outer plastic back a few inches, and then strip each wire back just under 1/2” inch. Twist the copper wire ends tight enough that they stay together when inserted. Insert wires into their color coded holes (green to green, white to clear, black to black) and tighten the colored side screws. (The white cable corresponds with the silver screw and clear hole). If any copper is visible once finished, you’ve stripped the cable back too much. Put the power connection into place and fasten to the side of your build.