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*Clearance* Aero Series Riser - 30x5

*Clearance* Aero Series Riser - 30x5

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Like most products we create, these risers were born out of a need for something that was simple to use and functional enough for everyone from the bedroom rocker to the professional pedalboard wiring guru. These were designed to work seamlessly with our Aero Series pedalboards, but we wanted to make sure that with a little handy-work, you could install these on just about any piece of material that your pedals might be attached to.

The hinge system is as simple as four socket-head cap screws on the sides of the top panel, giving you the option to lift the riser either forward or backward – whichever way you need to open it for your rig. Keep these finger-tight in order to get to them on the fly while still having a mechanical connection instead relying on magnets or gravity to hold your riser in place.  

All hardware needed to install these on our Aero Series and Flat Series is included with the riser. To use with a Flat Series, you will need to drill holes through the deck. You can mix and match whatever size riser you want for whatever size Aero Series you have, but there are specific design limitations and intentions:

  • 11x5 is designed to fit all the way to one side of an 18x12.5
  • 14x5 is designed to fit all the way to one side of an 24x12.5.
  • 17x5 is designed to span the back of an 18” Aero Series, or  all the way to one side of a 24". 
  • 23x5 is designed to span the back of a 24” Aero Series, or  all the way to one side of an 32x16
  • 30x5 is designed to span the back of a 32” Aero Series.

** Please note that mixing and matching sizes outside of the suggested compatibility may result in your riser not being able to be placed in the exact spot you want with all the stock hardware being used. Due to the slot layout of 32x16 and 24x16 boards, risers can’t be placed flush to back AND flush to the side simultaneously while using the stock mounting hardware. For exact location preference, in some cases, slight modification may be required (ex, drilling through the deck, using only 2 or 3 of the 4 mounting screws, etc.) **


  • Slotted top for cable management.
  • Dual-hinge design with mechanical connection to side panels.
  • Cable pass-throughs also designed for mounting our Patch Bay.
  • Modular mounting options for any pedalboard.
  • Seamless compatibility with Aero Series pedalboards.


  • Width: 11”, 14”, 17”, 23” or 30”
  • Depth: 5”
  • Height (assembled): 3”
  • Clearance Under Riser (to bottom of fold): 2.5”
  • Width Inside Riser (wall-to-wall): 0.4” less than riser width

Pedalboards, patch bays, and cables pictured are not included with Riser.

***This product is being discontinued and will not be restocked. It is being sold at a clearance price void of warranty and our normal return policy to make way for new products. All sales final.

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