Custom Shop Elevation Series

Custom Shop Elevation Series

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The Elevation Series 

To elevate means to rise above, raise the bar, or in the case of a pedalboard, raise off the ground. (As opposed to our Flat Series pedalboard, which is, of course, flat) This is precisely what we achieved during the design process of this product; a process that we put a great deal of time and effort into for something that is seemingly simple yet is actually groundbreaking for the pedalboard world. We obsessed over every little detail and believe The Elevation Series is unlike any other pedalboard we have put forward in the past.

It all starts with our breakthrough Unibody design. This design is stronger, more enduring, and has more space underneath than past designs. The Unibody has the strength to last practically a lifetime. It is completely self supporting all on it’s own without our end panels with the incredible strength that comes from it’s unique turned down edges. This sleek and modern design is revolutionizing the pedalboard world. 


  • Our Proprietary Unibody design. Made from Aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength that is extremely lightweight
  • Customizable end panels
  • A wide array of tolex and wood finishes
  • Optional handles with choice of finish
  • Optional Power and I/O configurations


  • Total Height: 3-7/8” heel and 2-1/8” toe
  • Total Depth: 16”
  • Total Width: 24” (with end panels) 23” unibody alone
  • Total Weight: Approx 5.6 lbs (Varies by end panels and I/Os)

*** Don't see an option you want? We can do lots more. Contact us for a custom shop order more crazy than what you can buy on your own. ***


Board Orientation: When adding to the left or right side, it's important to be sure you understand the orientation of the options. On an angled board, the tall side faces the audience, and the short side faces you. From this position, Left and Right are determined by looking down from the player's point of view. When adding 1/4" or XLR connections, 1 is closest to the tall side of the board with each one after that moving closer to the short side.

IEC Unit: An IEC unit is an AC connection and is mounted on the side of the pedalboard. It has an on/off switch built in and on the back side has a IEC cable soldered to it. Remember, IEC is a type of connector used on most amps and power supplies. If you want something different soldered to the back of your IEC unit, contact us for even more options.


1/4" Connection: For our 1/4" jacks, we use a piece of hardware known as an electrosocket (tele jack cup). That's the part that is visible on the side of the board. On the back side, we automatically attach a device known as a patch box (see above). This allows you to plug into the electrosocket with a jack attached, and on the backside, under your board, there is a pedal enclosure with an output jack soldered to it.

Essentially, the patch box makes a hub to relocate the connections on your pedals to one location for cleaner, easier access. This is especially handy for effects loop, and true bypass loopers. We use 3 different sized patch boxes depending on how many jacks you add. Because we use patch boxes, please keep 1/4" connections in consecutive order if you add XLR connections. (1/4, 1/4, XLR versus 1/4, XLR, 1/4) 

If you don't want to use a patch box and use lead cables (sold separately) or solder your own leads, simply contact us for a manual custom order.

XLR Input Adapter: This is a module that allows you to plug an XLR cable into the side of your board with a female connection Perfect for connecting your mic to a vocal pedal. The back side of it is accessible underneath your board with a male connection to connect another XLR cable to your pedal/device.


XLR Output Adapter: This is a module that allows you to plug an XLR cable into the side of your board with a male connection, usually for output. The back side of it is accessible underneath your board with a female connection to connect another XLR cable from your pedal/device.


How do I mount my power supply underneath? Do you offer a kit? The kit we currently offer is for mounting power supplies to a wooden pedalboard deck. We are considering a mount for the future, however, because of the smooth design of this pedalboard we have found that 3M ® Dual Lock® work incredibly well and is also a very flexible option. Traditional Hook and Loop will also work well, but for heavier power supplies mounting upside down isn’t ideal.

Adding a Power Supply: You can choose to have us pre-install a power supply to your custom board for a small charge. All our power supplies are sold separately and have that as an option when you add them to your cart.

Finish Options and Badges: When a tolex or tweed option is selected, by default we will install our standard black metal bade to the unibody. When a Hardwood option is chosen, we will cut a matching engraved hardwood badge to go with it.

How can I replace my end Panels? The end panels are fastened with wood screws. Simply unscrew, align new end panel, and screw into pilot holes that have been pre-drilled and marked.