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Creation Music Company


This tutorial page is provided to help our customers better understand the function of our products and maximize their potential as well as assist DIYers. Please continue to check back as more content will be added regularly.

Initial Setup and Maintenance:

Creation products require very little maintenance, but there are a few helpful tips to get the most our of your pedalboard and make it last. 

Velcro: Our velcro tops have a much stronger bond than what you may be used to from previous pedalboards, and we use a commercial strength adhesive to laminate them to our tops. We do recommend, however, that you do not cover the entire bottom surface of your pedals and accessories with Velcro. If you do so, it makes them VERY difficult to remove. If a pedal does not come off the board easily, we recommend using a something thin (like a ruler) to slide under the pedal and loosen. Do NOT pull with all your might. As strong as our adhesive is, it is possible with enough force to come loose. With proper Velcro usage and care, however, it is built to last.

AC Inlet Power Connection Instructions 
The AC Inlet used is a universal solderless power connection so that you may attach whatever you need to power up your board. 

WARNING: Be sure to unplug all electrical cords from power source prior to wiring your pedalboard. Failure to do so can result in electrical shock or injury.
Now that that’s out of the way… To wire your power connection underneath your board, first remove the two black screws on the exterior of your board that hold the power connection in place. Slide the power connection out of the hole. Once out, you can see that there are 3 color-coded holes and corresponding screws on the side. You may take any power cord you desire and cut to length. Then strip the outer plastic back a few inches, and then strip each wire back just under 1/2” inch.  Insert wires into their color coded holes, and tighten the colored side screws. (The white cable corresponds with the silver screw and clear hole). If any copper is visible once finished, you’ve stripped the cable back too much. Put the power connection back into place and replace the 2 black screws.


Creation Handle Kit Installation

Supplied: Two handles, four screws and four washers. To install, you will need a sharp utensil, small enough to fit through pre-drilled handle hole. A small skewer works well. 

  • Step 1: Locate handle holes on underside of the pedalboard top.
  • Step 2: Use sharp skinny object to puncture the velcro top.
  • Step 3: Thread the washer onto the provided screws
  • Step 4: While holding the Velcro down with one hand to prevent the screw from catching and lifting it carefully feed each screw through their hole
  • Step 5: Align the Handle with both of the two screws.
  • Note: Do NOT completely tighten screw on one side first. This can cause the handle to angle down and either not align with second screw, or cross thread.
  • Step 6: Begin to thread the screw into the handle a few turns.
  • Step 7: Thread the screw a few turns on the opposite screw.
  • Step 8: Alternate between each screw tightening a few turns each until the handle is tight on both sides.
  • Step 9: Repeat Steps 2-8 on opposing side of pedalboard with the second handle.


Creation Standard Power Supply Mounting Kit

For use with Voodoo Lab Pedal Power series Power Supplies. Supplied: four 3/8” small screws, four 1/2” wood screws, four washers, and four angle brackets 

  • Step 1: Remove one of the small black screws from the side of the power supply.
  • Step 2: Line up hole of angle bracket with screw hole on power supply with the opposite end and second hole down and away from power supply.
  • Step 3: Screw 3/8” small screw in place of previous black screw; attaching angle bracket to power supply.
  • Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining screws.
  • Step 5: Place power supply in desired location.
  • Step 6: (Optional) Pre-drill pilot holes for 1/2” wood screws through the angle bracket holes for the cleanest installation.
  • Step 7: Using the 1/2” wood screws, fasten the power supply to surface with washer in between screw head and angle bracket.
  • Note: washer must be used to prevent wood screw from coming through on opposite side