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Pedalboard Velcro Overlay (Peel and Stick)

Pedalboard Velcro Overlay (Peel and Stick)

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For years now we have been known for the incredible strength of the Velcro® we use on our pedalboards and supply in our DIY shop. Since it's a low profile type and less thick and fuzzy than traditional Velcro® it not only looks cleaner but bonds incredibly well to the the hook side of Velcro®. It's pretty incredible stuff. So it made sense that with the Design of our new Elevation Series pedalboard we would offer the same Velcro® to those that wanted it.

Part of the challenge was that we cut the Velcro® we use off a large roll to the size we need. It has no adhesive on the back. On a wooden pedalboard, we'd use a spray adhesive and bond the two together. But we wanted a way that was user friendly with a peel and stick application. Well, after some fancy R & D we found a way to do just that. On top of it, these babies are precision cut by a laser! And there you have it. Now we offer the same Velcro® we always have!

*Velcro Overlays are made to order. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

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