Q. Does the name Creation have anything to do with religious beliefs? or Are you a Christian Company?

A. We get asked this a lot. The name Creation actually refers to the customization we offer. The very simple answer to whether we are a Christian company or not is we are a company. We don't believe companies go to heaven. John Snyder is the founder of Creation. He is a Christian. He conducts himself in a manner that aligns with his faith. However, the goal of Creation is to sell quality products with good business ethics and customer service. We do not believe in using our personal beliefs as a marketing tool as we have seen this abused by so many other companies that we just choose not to do so.

Q. How long will it take to fulfill my order? 

A. It depends on the product. If the item is specified as in stock it will typically ship within 1-2 business days. If there is a complication we will contact you to explain. Many of the products we sell however, are made to order. In these cases there is usually an estimated wait time at the bottom of the page. These are estimates, however, and can vary depending on the current queue of orders. If the lead time of a product is of great concern you can always contact us for the most accurate estimate.

Q. What woods do you work with?

A. We only use top quality hardwoods for our products with exposed wood grain and baltic birch ply for all our products wrapped in a covering. We also use another varition of a birch ply specifically for our road cases

Q. Do you sell power supplies, can you install it in my board?

A. Yes! We are a authorized dealer for Voodoo Lab,  Walrus Audio, and Strymon. Power supplies from these manufacturers are offered as a pre-installed options for all our pedalboards that are made to order. We also sell them outright for purchase. 

Q. Will you setup my pedalboard and cables for me?

A. Yes. Contact us for details and quotes.