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*Clearance* 5 Way D-Panel Adapter

*Clearance* 5 Way D-Panel Adapter

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By popular request, we now offer D-Panel adapters for our Elevation Series pedalboards. 

This adapter is a 5 way adapter. It replaces the existing recessed main mounting plate installed on the side of your Elevation Series pedalboard to convert it to all D-Panel with 5 openings. Use two of these adapters to ad up to 10 D-Panel Devices to your Elevation Series pedalboard.

What's included? This is just the adapter plate. To mount this plate, you will re-use the screws from your existing cover plate that screw into the wooden side From there, you can choose how you would like to mount your D-Panel Accessory. Some people prefer to rivet their items, others prefer to use a countersunk screw and a nut on the backside.

What is D-Panel?
D-Panel, or D-Punch, is a standard hole format use to mount many various pro AV connectors. Its 2 screw or rivet holes holes and 2 larger opening holes for the item to fit through. 

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