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50" - Velcro® Brand Low Profile Wide Loop - Black

50" - Velcro® Brand Low Profile Wide Loop - Black

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Does NOT include adhesive. To adhere to surface, you will need a spray adhesive. 

50" wide loop - Sold by the linear yard

Example: 1 = a 36" x 50" piece (1 yd), 2 = a 72" x 50" piece (2 yds)

This genuine Velcro® Brand low profile wide loop material is perfect for covering Pedalboard tops as well as a variety of other craft projects. The holding power of the actual loop Velcro® is ridiculous! You will actually find yourself needing to use less hook on the back your pedals than you may be used to with other pedalboard varieties. Traditionally with other boards, they use a felt carpet material that holds initially, but tends to fray with just a few pedal removals. Others use a thicker hook material that holds fairly well but with it being so thick and puffy it looks messy and causes your pedals to wobble in place, which can make them come loose in a bumpy car ride. Finally we've even see some that use a similar material to this loop, but has a foam core between the loop and the bottom webbing that delaminates (the foam literally breaks apart) over time with pedal changes. How do we know all this? Because over the years, we've experimented with just about every possible loop material available. We never sold any boards with the felt or foam core versions because we quickly realized their pitfalls immediately. We did use the thicker Velcro brand version for some time, but once we switched to this low profile material several years ago, there was no going back. Ever. The stuff is literally so strong, that at trade shows we demo it's strength on our pedalboards by picking up a fully loaded pedalboard (a 17x12.5 Heritage Series in Walnut with 6 total pedals and a power supply installed underneath) by lifting up on one normal sized pedal with one hand. The pedal itself usually only has 2 strips of regular non-industrial hook material to attatch to the board deck.

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Item is rough cut off the roll and not guaranteed to be squared on the ends.

Technical stuff:

  • 50" Width
  • Construction: 100% nylon warp knit
  • Average peel: 0.3 PIW
  • Average shear: 5.0 PSI

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B. V.

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