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9 ft. of 1 inch Hook Adhesive

9 ft. of 1 inch Hook Adhesive

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Need more hook side for your pedalboard? Most guitar players use hook and loop for attaching their pedals to their pedalboard. Typyically the loop is on the board itself while the hook is on the pedals. If you've been rocking a pedalboard for a while, you probably know that if you make a few changes to your board by swapping out some pedals that you typically have run out of hook and have more loop than you know what to do with. These 3 rolls are the hook adhesive (Velcro) for your pedals and come in 3 foot rolls totaling 9 feet; enough for a medium to large rig.

With Creation boards, we use an INCREDIBLY strong loop side velcro to laminate the entire board top. We actually recommend that you use less Velcro (2 small strips on a standard pedal) than you may be used to or else you might even have trouble getting your pedals off the board.


  • 1 inch wide loop
  • 1 roll of 9 feet total
  • Backed with rubber adhesive rated for up to 120 degrees faranheit
  • Does not include loop side
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