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Aero 24+ Pedalboard

Aero 24+ Pedalboard

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Aero V3

Redefining Simple.

The Story. 

For many years our Aero Series pedalboards have been the go-to option for lightweight, clean and efficient rigs. Their ability to maintain a low profile, keep weight to the absolute minimum, and still allow for tidy cable runs and small power supplies underneath has earned them their place in the pedalboard market. It is a favorite among those who like clean setups and a utilitarian rig. It was hard to take something so simple and effective and find areas for improvement, but that’s exactly what we set out to do. 

What’s New with V3?

We started by making the Aero slightly taller for both strength and clearance. Power supplies you couldn’t fit underneath before will go under V3 with our improved modular foot system, allowing the user to adjust the height of their Aero more easily and effectively than before. In addition, we changed the slot layout to match our Elevation series which allowed us to utilize the same middle-support brace. Between the taller folds, support brace and new laser welding at all 4 corners, the Aero Series is significantly stronger than ever before.

In early 2022 we introduced our modular riser system which was designed specifically to work with our Aero Series pedalboards. We tried to make it as modular as possible, creating a system that allowed the riser to go anywhere on the Aero with no modifications needed. On Aero V3, we were able to start from scratch and simplify our riser system so that it is easier to understand and quick to install. On V3 you will find dedicated mounting holes at each top corner of the pedalboard which corresponds directly to a compatible V3 Riser. A V3 Riser of the same width as your Aero is plug-and-play and easier than ever. See our Assembly Video below.


If you want a smaller riser or you want your riser in a different location, simply use the assembled riser as template to mark the holes, drill through the top deck with a 3/16" or 5mm Carbide bit, and use the supplied mounting hardware to put the riser in the precise location you need. Yes, you heard that right! Go ahead and drill holes in your brand-new Aero! It is a simple and effective way to mount your riser wherever you need it. 

Lastly, every V3 product now utilizes a durable Black Oxide finish with screen-printed graphics instead of the previous powder-coat. The Black Oxide is smoother, extremely durable, and gives a beautiful matte finish very similar to Anodizing. The new screen-printed logo on the front is bolder and more refined than the previous badges, while the model name on the back gives each pedalboard size a more recognizable identity.


    • Proprietary Aircraft Aluminum Unibody 
    • New - Laser Welded and rounded corner profiling
    • New - Detachable Center Support Brace with Threaded Steel Insert


    • New - Dedicated Riser Mounting Holes (For matching full width risers)
    • New - 28mm / 1.1 in. included proprietary feet with integrated threaded insert. (Optional 40mm / 1.57 in. or 52mm / 2.05 in. extension feet sold separately) 
    • New - Smooth Black Oxide Finish
    • Modular Handles included with up to 3 locations on each side for optimal space saving
    • New -


  • Screen Printed Front Logo and Model Label
  • Open design underneath for easy access to wiring or mounting power supplies, buffers, splitters, and even pedals.

Every Aero comes with:

    Weight: 3.5 lb / 1.6 kg
    Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 1.2 in.
    Underside Clearance:
    Included feet - 1.1 in. / 28mm
    Tall Extension Feet - 1.57 in. / 40mm (Optional Accessory)
    Extra Tall Extension Feet - 2.05 in. / 52mm (Optional Accessory)
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