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Aero Riser 24

Aero Riser 24

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Aero Riser V3

Raise Your Pedals.

The Story.

In early 2022 we introduced the Creation Risers, but the earliest versions were being custom-made by special request long before. After enough demand we finally brought these to market as a production model that would be directly compatible with our Aero Series and Flat Series. With the full V3 redesign of our product line, Riser V3 was born to integrate seamlessly with Aero V3 and Patch Bay V3. 

What’s New with V3? 

When designing our first production model of Risers we tried to make them as modular as possible, creating a system that allowed the riser to go anywhere on the Aero with no modifications needed. On Aero V3, we were able to start from scratch and simplify our riser system so that it is easier to understand and quick to install. On V3 you will find dedicated mounting holes at each top corner of the pedalboard which corresponds directly to a compatible V3 Riser. A V3 Riser of the same width as your Aero is plug-and-play - easier than ever. See our Assembly Video below.


If you want a smaller riser or you want your riser in a different location, simply use the assembled riser as template to mark the holes, drill through the top deck with a 3/16" or 5mm Carbide bit, and use the supplied mounting hardware to put the riser in the precise location you need. Yes, you heard that right! Go ahead and drill holes in your brand-new Aero! It is a simple and effective way to mount your riser wherever you need it. 

The biggest functional difference for Riser V3 is the size. Our original risers had a depth of 5”, just enough to put any standard-size pedal on. Riser V3 is now 6” deep to accommodate Patch Bay V3 and 4 Way D Panel Mount as well as give the user more room for pedals and cabling on top,

Just like our original Risers, V3 has openings at each side that is designed to precisely mount Patch Bay V3, D Panel Mount or any upcoming module. 


      • Slotted top for cable management.
      • Dual-hinge design with mechanical connection to side panels.
      • Cable pass-throughs also designed for mounting our Patch Bay.
      • Modular mounting options for any pedalboard.
      • Seamless compatibility with Aero Series pedalboards.


      Weight: 1.5 lb / .8kg
      Width: 24 in.
      Depth: 6 in.
      Height (assembled): 3 in.
      Clearance Under Riser (to bottom of fold): 2.5”
      Width Inside Riser (wall-to-wall): 0.4” less than riser width

      Pedalboards, patch bays, adapters and cables pictured are not included with Riser.

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