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Custom Size Blackout Flat Series

Custom Size Blackout Flat Series

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* Please See our Build Times page for the most up to date estimate.

Ordering Directions: 
- Use the drop down menus to select the range your desired size falls under. 
-Then use the text field to enter the exact size you'd like in inches rounded to the nearest half inch. 
For example, 23 x 11.5 is fine. 23.2 x 11.3 is not acceptable.

The Custom Size Flat Series - The Flat Series is our answer to musicians searching for a simple and effective pedalboard while still having the quality and touch of class people have come to expect from Creation Music Company.

The Flat Series is not like most flat pedalboards. While it is a simple design, the materials chosen and execution are what sets it apart. For starters, many other flat boards use ABS for their deck material. While ABS is durable, its textured finish is not ideal for adhesives. For this reason we chose to use a Phenolic Birch ply for it's strength and perfectly smooth top as well as being lightweight. Next, for larger sizes, we offset the handles for better balance when lifting the board. Finally, for that added class, we've laser engraved our logo on the top.


  • Black Anodized Auminum Trim
  • Phenolic Birch Ply (smooth top with a textured underside)
  • Offset Handles (except on smaller sizes)
  • Laser Engraved Logo

Additional Info

Pedalboard Essentials Kit: 

  • 3 ft of both 1" Hook and Loop
  • 20 - 4 Inch Zip Ties
  • 8 - 3/4 Inch Self Adhesive Cable Mounts
  • 4 - 1 Inch Self Adhesive Cable Mounts

Dimensions: The dimensions of a board INCLUDES the metal trim. The metal trim is .5" x .5",  (1/2 x 1/2 inches) but the metal is only .0625" thick (1/16 inch). The thickness of Velcro, or Dual Lock raises the pedal enough to go over the metal edge with no issues. 

Finish: The aluminum is a black anodized coating on all the aluminum. When cut, it does expose the raw aluminum. Where these edges are visible, we use a textured durable coating applied by hand to make the surface black.

Condition - Due to the manufacturing process and materials used, minor marks in the aluminum from the tools or slight lines or waviness in the plywood material are acceptable. It is impossible to have a flawless board.

All boards are sorted for quality. Boards with excessive marks or imperfections in the plywood are separated and marked for B-Stock.

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