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Custom Shop - Black Tweed Board and Case - 26x16

Custom Shop - Black Tweed Board and Case - 26x16

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This Pedalboard ($519) Features: 
  • Custom Black Tweed Wrap
  • Cabinet Grade Birch Ply Construction
  • Embossed Creation Music Badge
  • (Built in power socket with On/Off switch and IEC lead cable. We can solder other leads to the if you have a preference)
  • Laser Cut Baltic Birch Ply Deck, Laminated with Low Profile 3610 Velcro™️ Loop
  • Two Black 1/4" Electrockets (tele style jack plates)
  • Two Lead Cables (14" cable w/ minicake connector and 1/4" jack. Attaches to Electrosocket. We can make a lead cable with other connectors and length if you have a preference)
  • Removable Black Handles 
  • Includes Hook Adhesive tape (for pedals) and Pedalboard Essentials Kit 
This Case ($679) Features:
  • Cabinet Grade Birch Ply Construction with Finger Joinery
  • Lift Off (Live In) style design
  • Custom Black Tweed Wrap
  • Black Leather Corner Reinforcements
  • PRS ™️ style inner upholstery
  • Embossed Creation Music Badge
  • Recessed Butterfly Latching with new case alignment guides (bracket system that makes sure case is aligned and in place before latching
This Black Tweed board is a limited run from from our October "Chef's Choice" builds. Black tweed is one of our faves, so we wanted to do a small run of that right out of the gate with our first batch of Custom Shop builds. The finish is just classy. Pair that with black hardware, it's a sleek combo and the embossed badge is that little "pop" to set it off. 
Dimensions - 26 inches wide x 16 inches deep 

Introducing "Custom Shop"

When we started in 2013, our primary focus was to be a custom shop for pedalboards and accessories. Even the name "Creation" was picked as our name to signify that our focus was on custom "creations" and that your pedalboard was unique to you. These original designs have now been brought back to life.

Why Custom Shop? - Since discontinuing our original pedalboards in 2016 we've released our Elevation and Aero Series boards. We're really proud of these products and believe they serve the needs of most musicians extremely well. However, as great as they are, we've still felt something was missing in our line of pedalboards.

The best way to explain this is with the comparison between a modern car and a classic. The new modern car fits the needs of most people as their daily driver and makes a lot of sense on paper, but not everyone needs what makes the most sense. The truth is there's something special about seeing a classic going down the road that makes everyone smile ear to ear. For those lucky enough to drive one, it becomes part of them.

As for pedalboards, we feel true custom works of art are what's been missing. It's been long enough that we're ready to get back to our roots and use our experience, skills, and design to craft special pieces that are second to none. 

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