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Custom Shop Order Deposit

Custom Shop Order Deposit

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Introducing "Custom Shop"

When we started in 2013, our primary focus was to be a custom shop for pedalboards and accessories. Even the name "Creation" was picked as our name to signify that our focus was on custom "creations" and that your pedalboard was unique to you. These original designs have now been brought back to life.

Almost anything we can think of from tweed to tolex, walnut to wenge, custom inlay to custom slotted decks... All of the options we've ever offered with the originals, and MANY more are all possible with Custom Shop.

Why Custom Shop? - Since discontinuing our original pedalboards in 2016 we've released our Elevation and Aero Series boards. We're really proud of these products and believe they serve the needs of most musicians extremely well. However, as great as they are, we've still felt something was missing in our line of pedalboards.

The best way to explain this is with the comparison between a modern car and a classic. The new modern car fits the needs of most people as their daily driver and makes a lot of sense on paper, but not everyone needs what makes the most sense. The truth is there's something special about seeing a classic going down the road that makes everyone smile ear to ear. For those lucky enough to drive one, it becomes part of them.

As for pedalboards, we feel true custom works of art are what's been missing. It's been long enough that we're ready to get back to our roots and use our experience, skills, and design to craft special pieces that are second to none. 

What options are there?
A detailed list of options and general prices are below. The main things to determine are these:
1. Size. Almost any size width and length within reason.
2. Type. Dovetailed Wood or Wrapped Plywood
3. Finish. Which wood(s) or Wrap(s)?
- Woods can be single species or two tone. All wood boards have our logo inlayed with a contrasting wood. We can also engrave or inlay some artwork.
-Wrapped Plywood can be tweed or tolex (amp vinyl). Common options are two tone, stripes and piping for tolex. For tweed, clear or amber shellac, black tweed and piping.

How to purchase

Option 1 -  Monthly Release
Chef's Special. We make a small handful of boards of our choosing each month. When the boards are done we will list them on our website, post them to our social media, and send an email out to our subscribers. First come first serve, when they are sold out they are gone until the next month's batch. 

Option 2 - Build List
We keep a set number of slots in our queue for custom builds every month. To reserve a slot for a given month you pay a non-refundable $99 deposit at checkout. We will get all the details for your build in advance. When we get to the month your build is reserved for, we will apply the deposit toward the build and invoice you for the remaining balance owed prior to starting your custom board.

Prices shown below are common boards with standard options included to help serve as a ballpark reference for the board you're after. However, this is only a guide unless you order the exact same. The final price may vary depending what you choose.

18x12.5 24x12.5 24x16 28x14 32x16
Tolex $349 $379 $399 $419 $449
Tweed $399 $429 $449 $469 $499
Coated Tweed $449 $479 $499 $519 $549
Standard Wood $449 $479 $499 $519 $549
Premium Wood $479 $499 $529 $549 $579
Exotic Wood $499 $519 $549 $579 $599

All pricing above includes: 

  • Power Unit (Built in power socket unit with On/Off switch and lead cable)
  • Two 1/4" I/O (Electrosocket jack plates with lead cable)
  • Creation Badge (wrapped boards)
  • Contrasting wood logo inlay (hardwood boards)
  • Slotted low profile Velcro™️ Deck
  • Handles 

Additional Options:

  • Two Tone Tolex Wrap - No upcharge (standard or offset stripe)
  • Special Tolex Pattern - Quote
  • Embossed (raised) Tolex - Quote (request must be verified)
  • Custom Piping on Tweed or Tolex - $15 per separation.
  • D-Panel I/O Recessed - $20 + Cost of D-Panel Component
  • Additional 1/4" I/O - $35 (any electrosocket + lead cable)
  • Additional TRS 1/4" I/O - $45 (any electrosocket + lead cable)
  • Opening for Creation Patch Bay (sold separately) - $35 - coming soon
  • Smooth Wood Deck - No upcharge
  • Smooth Painted or Stained Deck - $25
  • Veneer Plywood Deck - Coming Soon
  • Custom Laser Cut Slot Layout Deck  - $75
  • Clear or Amber Shellac Coated Tweed - $50
  • Laser Engraved Artwork - Quote (Wood boards only)
  • Wood Inlay Artwork  - Quote (Wood boards only)
  • Two-Tone Wood Frame - No upcharge (if both woods are same price)

We will be updating and adding requests over time. If you want something you don't see above, feel free to ask and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Jack Plates (Electrosockets) - Chrome, Nickel, Black, Satin, Gold
Tolex - Pretty much any tolex there is. We keep a good stock on hand, just ask
Tweed - We use genuine Fender™️ style tweed and can do most standard coated options (clear or  amber shellac and black tweed), but if you have a special request, it's best to have a conversation and maybe have some photo inspiration.
Standard Wood - Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Sapele
Premium Wood - Black Limba, Curly (flamed) Maple, Paduak, Purple Heart, Walnut
Exotic Wood - Bloodwood, Bubinga (if available), Canarywood, Lacewood, Wenge, Zebrawood, (requests accepted if available)

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