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Custom Size Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case

Custom Size Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case

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* Please See our Build Times page for the most up to date estimate. *


Our Drop-In flight cases feature a deep case with a shallow hinged lid that closes down on top of your pedalboard. With this design you will lift your entire pedalboard in and out of the case. The advantages of the Drop-In design include the case being one piece that doesn't separate when open and the ability to add foam blocks under the board, which creates a cavity to store cables, DI boxes, straps, etc. 

All of our custom Drop-In flight cases come standard with silver hardware, incredibly strong 3/8" hex-coated birch plywood, stay-hinges, 2 butterfly latches and 2 recessed handles - one on the front and one on the end. You can customize your case with the options below.


  • 3/8" Polypropylene Flight Panel - This flight panel retains the strength of birch ply but decreases the weight of the case by around 40%. This is perfect for anyone checking their rig onto a flight. 
  • Clip On/Off Trolley - This standalone trolley has small mounting brackets that we install on your lid and you can clip the trolley on and off as needed.
  • Add Corner Casters - This option is available for longer cases and are installed on the opposite side of the handle included with the case. These are heavy-duty wheels built into the case. This makes your case slightly larger on the exterior
  • Add Corner Casters + Pullout Handle - This option uses the same heavy-duty wheels but includes a telescoping handle on the opposite end. This is perfect for shorter cases or anyone wanting a longer handle to pull their case with. This makes your case slightly larger on the exterior. 
  • Custom Blacked Out Hardware - We send your silver extrusion off to get a durable, black textured powder coat and install all black hardware on the case. 
    (May extend the lead time) 
  • Custom Foam Blocks for Storage - We make your case 2" taller and give you foam blocks to set your board on creating storage underneath your pedalboard.
  • Customized Multi-Depth Foam in Lid - This is for pedalboards that use tiers or risers. To ensure your entire board is held snug we will add levels of foam to press firmly on every part of your pedalboard. 

How To Measure Your Pedalboard

When entering the dimensions for your pedalboard please account for the entire rig assembled. This means measuring from the floor to the top of your tallest pedal's knobs as well as accounting for any pedals that are overhanging your board by more than 1/8". Please give us the exact dimensions of your rig as you measure it and we will take care of making your case the perfect fit. 

Not Seeing What You Want? 

We are always happy to take special requests within reason. If you have an extra unique setup or have some big ideas that our standard options won't fulfill, feel free to reach out to us to see if its something we can accommodate.  


  • 2 butterfly latches and stop hinges
  • 3/8" Polypropylene or 3/8" Birch Plywood
  • Aluminum double angle extrusion constuction
  • Oversized ball corner reinforcements
  • Recessed handles and butterfly latches
  • Thick convoluted foam in lid for maximum pedal compression
  • Customizable options
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