Custom Size Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case
Custom Size Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case
Custom Size Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case

Custom Size Drop-In Pedalboard Flight Case

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* Please See our Build Times page for the most up to date estimate. *

We now offer these cases with Blacked Out Hardware for $99. Please contact us if you would like this done to your order.


We've been making killer flight cases for pedalboards for a long time. Our flight cases are designed to be the finest possible flight case for your pedalboard. This isn't your run of the mill case. It's made from 3/8 Polypropylene Honeycomb panels and is laminated in Black ABS to endure the rigors of the road. These panels are up to 40% lighter than regular birch paneling.

Custom Size (ordering directions): We often get asked if we can do custom dimensions to accommodate another case and the answer is yes, but now it's easier than ever to order directly on our site. Just choose your height, width and length on the drop down menus. Then use the comments box to type the exact dimensions (rounded up to the nearest 1/2 inch) and any other pertinent information.

Drop-In design: The more traditional style case, has a deep tray for the pedalboard and a shallow lid. The lid has 2 butterfly latches and 2 stop hinges so the lid may stay in the open position. 

How big will my case exterior be? - Add 3.25” to each dimension to get the case’s exterior dimensions.

Here’s how it breaks down. We build the inside of the shell 1.5” inches larger on each side than the item going in it. For the sides, that’s basically an exact fit because we use 3/4” foam all the way around. For the Top and Bottom, we use 2.25” extra soft convoluted “egg crate” foam and .5” dense plank foam for the bottom. This gives 1.25” of compression, which is ideal, with a little wiggle room either way. The shell shell exterior is roughly 1” larger than the interior dimensions and then the ball corners add .75” more. So 1.5” + 1” + .75” = 3.25” larger on each dimension than the item going in the case. These dimensions can vary with additional custom case options.

Additional Options: We do have some other options available upon request.

Trolley: If you want to add our trolley system to this case, please add it to your cart as a second item. It will give you the option to have it pre-installed, and for a custom case, it must be installed before we line the inside with foam. 

Corner Casters: For extra large cases, too long for a trolley (34 inches and longer) we can do corner casters and a spring handle on the end. We prefer not to make cases with the wheels permanently installed as it is extra weight that cannot be removed, but for some cases it's just a necessity. If you need this option, contact us for details on how to order. Or, place your order and we can bill you separately. Corner casters and a spring handle on the end is $59 additional.

Foam Risers: Another feature of this case is the ability to use foam risers to create storage underneath the board and raise the board up within the case. These are no charge, simply request foam risers in the order notes and we will include them free of charge. However, be sure to account for them in your dimensions. Foam risers are 2 inches with only a little compression. 

Questions: Always feel free to contact us should you have any questions when placing your order. Website options can get limited so there are always a few adjustments we can make to things like the foam, or stenciling, or extra handles. Just get in touch and we can help you out.


  • 2 butterfly latches and stop hinges
  • 3/8" Polypropylene Honeycomb panels (up to 40% lighter)
  • Aluminum double angle extrusion constuction
  • Oversized ball corner reinforcements
  • Recessed handles and butterfly latches
  • Thick convoluted foam in lid for maximum pedal compression
  • Extra shallow tray
  • Optional detachable wheel trolley with telescoping handle