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Custom Size Riser

Custom Size Riser

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* Please See our Build Times page for the most up to date estimated lead time.*

Our custom size risers now feature proprietary universal side-brackets that feature a simple to use dual-hinge design and cable passthroughs that are made specifically to mount our Patch Bay into.
The hinge system is as simple as four socket-head cap screws on the sides of the top panel, giving you the option to lift the riser either forward or backward – whichever way you need to open it for your rig. Keep these finger-tight in order to get to them on the fly while still having a mechanical connection instead relying on magnets or gravity to hold your riser in place.  
All hardware necessary to mount your riser to your pedalboard is included with the riser. To install, either utilize existing slots/holes in your pedalboard or drill through your deck wherever desired and use the included nut plate on the bottom of your board to secure the riser.
-       Dual-hinge design with mechanical connection to side panels.
-       Cable pass-throughs on sides designed for our Patch Bay.
-       Modular mounting options for any pedalboard.
-       Seamless compatibility with Aero Series pedalboards.
-       Width: Custom
-       Depth: Hardware made for 5” minimum
-       Height (assembled): 3.1”
-       Clearance Under Riser: 2.6”

Size: Our custom size risers are available in widths ranging from 6 to 32 inches. The depth is our standard 5 inches. We have the ability to offer some dimensions outside of this range, with some limitation upon request.

Finish: The aluminum on the riser deck is a black anodized coating on all the aluminum. When cut, it does expose the raw aluminum. Where these edges are visible, we use a textured durable coating applied by hand to make the surface black.

Condition - Due to the manufacturing process and materials used, minor marks in the aluminum from the tools or slight lines or waviness in the plywood material are acceptable. It is impossible to have a flawless board.

All boards are sorted for quality. Boards with excessive marks or imperfections in the plywood are separated and marked for B-Stock. 

Pedalboards pictured are not included with this item.

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