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Custom TRS Dual Mono Cable - Right Angle/Shorty

Custom TRS Dual Mono Cable - Right Angle/Shorty

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This Product is Made To Order. For an Accurate Production Time, please visit our Build Times Page Here. 

A good cable that can stand the test of time is worth every penny. All of our cables are made to do just that; sound great, take a beating and simply keep working. We build our TRS Dual Mono cables with our own brand of connectors and our incredibly flexible and durable CMC-04 Micro Patch Cable. Each side of the mono ends have printed heat shrink to label Left and Right. 

This is the perfect solution for Loopers, Pedals with TRS In/Outs and expression pedals. Let us professionally solder each cable for you and make your life easy.

- Hand soldered by humans
- Available in every length from 4 inches all the way to 48 inches.
- Creation Brand Lightbulb TRS Right Angle Connector on one end and TS Shorty (Short Straight) Connectors on the other
- Made with top quality and low capacitance CMC-04 Micro Patch

How we measure our cables - We measure our cables by the distance between the edge of the plug to the edge of the opposite plug.

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