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Custom TRS Patch Cable - Shorty/Right Angle

Custom TRS Patch Cable - Shorty/Right Angle

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This Product is Made To Order. For an Accurate Production Time, please visit our Build Times Page Here. 

A good cable that can stand the test of time is worth every penny. All of our cables are made to do just that; sound great, take a beating and simply keep working. We build our TRS patch cables with our own brand of connectors and our incredibly flexible and durable CMC-25 Balanced Cable. 

This is the perfect solution when you're wiring your rig and pre made cables won't do the job. Let us professionally solder each cable for you and make your life easy.

- Hand soldered by humans
- Available in every length from 2 inches all the way to 48 inches.
- Creation Brand Lightbulb TRS Shorty (short straight) connector on one end and Right Angle on the other.
- Made with top quality and low capacitance CMC-25 Balanced Cable

How we measure our cables - We measure our cables (in inches) by the distance between the edge of the plug to the edge of the opposite plug.

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