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V3 Power Unit

V3 Power Unit

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Our Power unit is the perfect way to integrate a power connection right to your V3 Elevation and also incorporate a dedicated on/off switch.

We start with a top quality IEC male connector and solder a 22 inch straight female lead onto it and cover the solder connections with an insulated cover. Simply use the mounting screws to connect it seamlessly to your Elevation V3 power opening. 

Power Features:

  • IEC Connection 
  • On/Off switch
  • 22" straight connector lead


  • Will this mount to an Aero or Riser? No. This is only made for Elevation.
  • Is this a power supply? No. This is simple a way to relocate the connector from your existing power supply to the side of your pedalboard. 
  • Is this rated for 120v or 220v? Both. There is no circuitry involved so this connection can work anywhere in the world. Just be sure to check that your power supply is when traveling.
  • What power supplies will this work with? This will work with most common isolated power supplies like Strymon, Voodoo Lab, True Tone One Spot units and Walrus Audio or any other PSU with an IEC connector.
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