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Make Custom Size Case With Corner Casters

Make Custom Size Case With Corner Casters

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If you're placing an order for a Custom Size Flight Case and want it made with corner casters and either a spring handle on the other end or a built in telescoping handle, this is the option for you. Add this to your cart along with the case you're ordering and we'll make the change.

Typically, our primary recommendation is our clip on/off Case Trolley for most cases we sell. It tends to be more cost effective and allows the case to be a little smaller in size and saves extra weight from being permanently built in to the case. The trolley can be un-clipped when traveling, allowing the case to weigh less for your checked baggage. However, in some instances, corner casters are the better option. 

If you need Corner Casters, this is where you can add them. But there are a few important options and build notes to review first.


1. Corner Casters + Spring Handle - This option means that we install corner casters on one end, and an extra spring handle on the opposing end (the photo above points to the primary spring handle, not the one on the opposing end that would be added). This tends to only be viable on cases 30 inches or more. This can vary by the height of the individual. 
2. Corner Casters + Telescoping Handle This option means that we install corner casters on one end and a built in telescoping handle inside the case on the opposing end. The handle then extends out of the case. This is good for shorter cases as it prevents an average person from having to bend over to reach their case when walking. 

Build Notes

1. Corner Casters must be installed on the deep side of the case. This means:
- A Drop In Case, the corner casters MUST be on the deeper case bottom.
- A Live In Case, the corner casters MUST be on the taller case lid. 

2. Built In Telescoping Handles have a large metal housing that protrudes into the case. This means the case MUST be made larger than normal to compensate. We can do this by either:
- Making the Case Longer and adding extra foam on one end. (This is the simplest option and is the same for either Drop-In or Live In Cases.)
-Making the Case Taller. Drop In Cases can have this by installing foam blocks to lift the board over the metal housing and creating storage. Live In Cases have to fill in all the voids created with foam to install the convoluted (egg crate) foam evenly.

*This option in some instances can increase the lead time of your order. For questions about Build Notes or the estimated lead time, please contact prior to ordering*


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