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V3 Patch Bay

V3 Patch Bay

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Patch Bay V3

      The Story.

      With the original release of Elevation we began to utilize pre-powder coated pedal enclosures as a clean solution to house In/Out jacks on the underside of the board. This worked well and eventually was streamlined into a modular enclosure used on Elevation V2 and able to fit to the underside of our Aero boards as well. However, it was perhaps the Patch Bay that has been the catalyst to inspire the change to our whole V3 line of Pedalboards. 

      In order to expand what our Patch Bay is capable of, we needed to redesign it from the ground up, but were constrained by the design limitations of our previous V2 Elevation frame. With changes to our frame only possible in recent years, we set parameters for the new V3 Patch Bay first and designed Elevation and Aero with those parameters in place.

      The result allows for an enclosure that can house more than just a passive patch bay… Lots more! And with the help of some reputable friends there will soon be an array of modules to fit your needs that will mount directly to Elevation V3 and under Aero V3. More to come on that soon...

      What's new in V3?

      V3 Patch bay is housed in a completely new enclosure. To make this new system as durable and road-ready as possibly we've designed all of our V3 Patch Bay with stainless-steel threaded inserts to give the extra peace of mind that your rig is secure and locked down. Every V3 product now utilizes a durable Black Oxide finish with screen-printed graphics instead of the previous powder-coat. The Black Oxide is smoother, extremely durable, and gives a beautiful matte finish similar to Anodized.  

      This new version also features a "Ground" label. This simply means that that is the pass through that is grounded to the enclosure. Our previous version had this as well, but early models didn't have it labeled. Simply put the GND I/O somewhere always on in your signal change (ex. guitar input) to make sure the enclosure is always grounded. 

      Patch Bay Features:

      • PCB Mounted TRS 1/4"  I/OS x 4
      • NEW - Redesigned Aluminum enclosure
      • NEW - Black Oxide Finish with Silk screen Graphics
      • NEW - Threaded Steel Insert for mounting
      • NEW - Dedicated Ground I/O
      • Includes Mounting screws for Elevation and Aero Riser


        Weight: .5 lb / .6kg

        Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.75 x 1.5 in
        (2.75 in. includes 1/4" jacks)


        Can I use this on my Aero Series V2? Not with the stock foot extension. V2 is roughly 1/4" shorter and has shorter feet. Patch Bay V3 is too tall for Aero V2 unless you do some sort of DIY mod. It was designed to fit V3 Aero

        Can I use this with TS connections? Yes. as long as it's TS (mono) on both sides, the Ring of the TRS jack just connects to the sleeve on both TS jacks and joins the ground.

        Can you mod a Patch Bay for other connections? No. Patch bay is made with mass produces enclosures and PCBs. It is only sold one way. We are working on other variations. Stay Tuned. You can, however, use TRS, Midi and Even XLR connections with Patch Bay if you use an adapter cable to convert it to TRS 1/4" 

        *This item is usually available for immediate shipment, but can have a short lead time depending on assembled stock availability. 
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