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Pro Soft Case 24

Pro Soft Case 24

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Our all new Pro Soft Case takes everything we loved about the previous version but with substantial upgrades that dramatically improve its quality and protection. We kept the best features from its predecessor like a ridiculously thick outer nylon fabric for durability, full width front pocket for maximum storage, plush velvet lined interior lid to be soft on your pedals, and our embroidered Creation logo for a pop of class. However, that's where it's similarities end.

What's new?
For starters, in case it wasn't thick enough, we've nearly DOUBLED the thickness of the foam on this case from our previous version which was already almost 3x thicker than our original gig bag. For quick math, that's nearly 6X the padding of a normal gig bag style case. On top of that, we've added a new reinforcement panel on the top section  for handle to join to make the case more rigid where it carries weight. 

This brings us to the redesigned handle. It's MASSIVE and wrapped in a thick, tightly woven seatbelt style material. A reinforcement strap goes through the middle and is stitched and riveted in line with the handle. Pedalboards are heavy. A handle that makes your grip secure is important. We've also used this same seatbelt style material for the shoulder strap and to attach the all metal clip rings in addition to adding extra heavy duty strap clips to attach to the case. 

Next, we've added a new cut resistant material to the inside walls of the case as well as increased the width and length of our cases slightly. some pedalboards are more rounded on the corners. Other boards are more square, and even have fairly sharp corners. We didn't design the cases to only be used with our own boards. We designed them to be an upgrade case for any board that fits inside them. The material for the inside walls makes sure the DIY flat board with sharp corners doesn't slice right through normal polyester. 

Lastly, we've utilized an incredibly thick rubberized material on the case bottom, in attrition to the rubber feet. Where you usually load your gear isn't always a polished floor. This material helps make your case last and not get torn up when lining up your gear on a concrete parking lot while you pull the car around. 


  • *New* Nearly 6X thicker Padding (than traditional gig bags)
  • *New* Cut Resistant Inside Wall Lining
  • *New* Heavy Duty Strap Clips
  • *New* Oversized Seatbelt Style Handle with Reinforcement Strap
  • *New* Heavy Duty Rubberized Material on Case Bottom
  • Thick Outer Nylon 
  • Water Resistant Zipper
  • Reinforced edging with rubber corners
  • Rubber feet on bottom
  • Padded full length outer pocket
  • Full length strap bracing with rivet attachment
  • Embroidered logo
  • Lightbulb Logo Zipper Toggles

Dimensions: Size 24 (24x12.5) - 24.5 x 13 x 6 inches

Fit: This case is designed to fit Creation Music pedalboards size 24 (24x12.5) as well as many other pedalboards from other brands. The case depth and flexible lid with extra thick padding is designed to accommodate most rigs at normal board height. (ex. flat board + pedals, flat boards + risers + pedals, angle boards with moderately tall pedals) However, some excessively tall rigs (ex. angled boards + risers or flat boards + risers + extremely tall pedals) will likely not fit, or will not zip without causing damage to the zipper or pedals. The zipper should never be forced closed. 

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