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Elevation 24+ Pedalboard

Elevation 24+ Pedalboard

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Elevation V3 

The Pedalboard. Elevated.

The Story.

Since its introduction in 2016 the Elevation Series of pedalboards have become the foundation for countless guitar rigs across the globe. As one of the first of its kind, Elevation merged the aesthetics of crafted hardwood with the durability and function of aluminum. This unique combination has propelled Creation forward in the industry with our pedalboards being found on even the biggest of stages.

With our effort to always keep innovating and offer solutions for the latest pedal trends, we knew it would be a big task to keep what we love about these pedalboards while allowing them to improve. We focused on refining each detail with precision rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, taking each beloved feature of Elevation as far as it could go to optimize the user experience in both versatility and durability. We believe we have maintained everything that makes an Elevation special while maximizing key improvements where they matter most.

What’s New with V3?

We have kept the things we all love - hardwood end panels, an angled frame with ample space underneath and the ability to mount power and I/O to the sides… But now it’s even better. Our new V3 frame design for Elevation no longer relies on the wooden end panel to attach the mounting plates. The frame folds now extend all the way down the sides and are laser welded at all 4 corners. This not only allows your power and patch bay to be mounted metal-to-metal directly to the frame, but also increases the strength and rigidity of the board exponentially. Something not currently offered by any other folded metal frame pedalboard on the market (to the best of our research).


(ex. Laser Welded Corners)

The wood panels no longer have any modules or plates attached to them, allowing us to simplify the way they are installed and focus on their aesthetic function for the pedalboard. V3 will now offer a growing collection of new end panel options, including limited edition runs. These will be available separately to change your board’s aesthetic anytime easily by simply turning 4 machine-threaded screws in and out.

Perhaps the most functional change to Elevation V3, and also the catalyst for the new design, is our new V3 Patch Bay. In order to expand what our Patch Bay is capable of, we needed to redesign it from the ground up, but we were always constrained by the design limitations of our previous V2 Elevation. With changes to our frame only possible in recent years, the new V3 Elevation allows for an enclosure that can house more than just a passive patch bay… Lots more! And with the help of some reputable friends there will soon be an array of modules to fit your needs that will mount directly to Elevation V3. To make this new system as durable and road-ready as possibly we designed all of our V3 mounting plates and modules with stainless-steel threaded inserts to give the extra peace of mind that your rig is secure and locked down.

Lastly, every V3 product now utilizes a durable Black Oxide finish with screen-printed graphics instead of the previous powder-coat. The Black Oxide is smoother, extremely durable, and gives a beautiful matte finish similar to Anodized. The new screen-printed logo on the front is bolder and more refined than the previous badges, while the model name on the back gives each pedalboard size a more recognizable identity.

V3 Features:

    • Proprietary Aircraft Aluminum Unibody 
    • New - Redesigned Full Height Sides and Laser Welded Corners
    • New - Detachable Center Support Brace with Threaded Steel Insert
    • New - Interchangeable Black Walnut End Panels with Machine Screw Assembly
    • New - Smooth Black Oxide Finish
    • New - Redesigned (Optional) Patch Bay with Threaded Steel Insert Mounting
    • Modular Handles included with up to 3 locations on each side for optimal space saving
    • New -


  • Screen Printed Front Logo and Model Label
  • Open design underneath for easy access to wiring or mounting power supplies, buffers, splitters, and even pedals.

        Every Elevation comes with:


          • Height: 3.875” (audience side) 2.125” (player's side)
          • Depth: 16”
          • Width: 24” (with end panels) 23” unibody alone
          • Weight: Approx 4.5 lbs / 2 kg 


          *The photos shown here are stock photos of this model. Your order may come with varied wood grain patterns.

          *This item is usually available for immediate shipment, but can have a short lead time depending on assembled stock availability. 

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